Our Name

AC3” “Our Name is Important to Us”

In terms of reputation and focus, our name is important to us.

At AC3, we believe that a company’s reputation is built on value, commitment, and excellence. With enthusiasm, our clients and their external audit firms have praised and recommended AC3 for the services and solutions that we consistently provide. Our company has a solid reputation of integrity, trustworthiness, quality, keen insight, expertise and deep resources which rivals larger firms. Our name, Assurance Consulting 3 (AC3) conveys our focus and strength. We are a professional service provider focused in three (3) core areas: Internal Audit, Accounting and Consulting. Our goal at AC3 is to compliment, review, advise, streamline and provide effective independent feedback for companies who already have in-house accounting, and/or work with large accounting firms for their auditing needs, thus adding value to our clients’ operations.

Our Philosophy “Consistent, High-Quality Service and Attractive Rates”

There are normally two paths followed by business consultants. One path is to have a large, full-service organization with equally large fees. The other is to go small, but not have the depth of resources to deliver consistent, high-quality service. At AC3, we’ve decided to take a different, less traveled path. We founded our company on the belief that high-quality service and attractive rates can co-exist. By following our own path, AC3 has quickly become a leader in our served markets.

Our People “Knowledgeable. Experienced. Trustworthy.”

Professional services, by their very nature, are inseparable from the people who deliver them. The quality of the service you can expect directly correlates to the qualifications, integrity and experience of the personnel on your project. We attract (and retain) only the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals while keeping our fee structure affordable. AC3’s exceptionally talented team of professionals average over 12 years experience with a blend of both “Big 4” accounting/consulting service in addition to industry expertise. Most have held positions of financial and operational leadership. We have distinguished ourselves by being able to see the “big picture” of what companies are trying to achieve and assisting them with insightful and valuable solutions.

Our Services

Formed on the principal of delivering high quality professional services at attractive rates, AC3 continues to experience significant growth. By performing professional services that cannot be provided by your external audit firm under auditor independence rules, our growth has been fueled by client and external audit firm referrals in response to our unique value proposition and reputation for high quality work. At AC3, we concentrate in three core areas of service: Internal Audit, Accounting and Consulting Solutions. Our expertise in these service areas provides clients with clear, thoughtful, integrated solutions for each of their complex needs. Helping clients to understand more about issues facing their company, achieve greater security, and run more profitably excites us and gives our clients intelligent solutions that will produce beneficial long-term results.

Consider Being a Part of AC3!

Our success is based on finding and keeping the best consultants.  We are looking for consultants with the right skill set.  That includes experience, expertise, and good relational skills.

To learn more about opportunities at AC3, please call 952.944.2584 to schedule an appointment.

AC3 is an equal opportunity employer.