Our Core Values

At the heart of every company, you will find a set of core values which affects who that company is, what they exist for, and the vision of what they are trying to achieve. We, at AC3, are passionate about who we are, what we have to offer and the extraordinary competitive advantage that we can supply to our clients.

Integrity and Honesty

We believe that integrity and honesty are the foundation for all other core values. The effects are obvious: clear communication, excellence in word and deed, doing what is right professionally and ethically, trustworthiness, unwavering commitment to serving our clients with the highest quality work.

Delivering Clients REAL VALUE:

Companies weigh “REAL VALUE” by balancing results with cost. Did I get less value than what I paid for? Did I get the exact value I paid for? Did I get more value than what I paid? At AC3, we believe that “REAL VALUE” comes by obtaining great results at a great price. AC3 doesn’t see our job as just a “service,” we serve our clients in order that their company may be enhanced by the value we bring.

Importance of Our People

AC3 believes in the strength of maintaining team continuity, dedication to training and professional development and competitive compensation practices. Our Work/Life Balance Philosophy produces in each individual a sense of vitality and productivity. For our clients, the qualities that make AC3 a great place to work give us a competitive advantage in delivering high-quality service that consistently exceeds expectations.


There is a standard of excellence that our clients know that they can expect whether we are outsourcing, co-sourcing, doing preliminary assessments, or helping to augment their staffing needs. AC3 is committed to timely, efficient, reliable, high quality service.

Expertise and Experience

The expertise and experience of AC3’s leadership encompasses Internal Audit, Tax Services, and Consulting. We provide our clients with the vital tools necessary to bring value to their business. From more traditional systematic approaches to cutting edge technology, tools, techniques our clients trust AC3 to provide solutions and improve productivity in their day-to-day business activities.