“AC3 delivers the skills you need, when you need them, in the increments you need them to ensure an effective and successful project.”

Every company is unique and each has its own set of issues relating to individuals, alliances, industry, government requirements, deadlines, rate of growth, risk taken, and much, much more. AC3 understands this and is committed to partnering with our clients to obtain the best solution for their varying needs.

AC3 offers our clients:


Building an internal audit is both expensive and difficult in today’s environment of high competition for pertinent talent. For often less than the cost of hiring a single accounting professional, your company can often outsource its internal audit and consulting needs to AC3 and utilize our professional talent, experience and resources in the correct measure and blend of skills to quickly achieve a world class and cost effective solution. Your company can also have its internal audit and consulting needs met in a few weeks rather than the 3-6 months an internal recruiting effort would require. As your company grows, your needs will expand, consequently, establishing in-house capability may make sense for less specialized skills. AC3 is committed to helping you make the right business decision. Our company is able to assist your internal staff to become highly effective through training, guidance, mentoring, methodology, tools, and providing highly specialized skills.

Our co-sourcing services are focused on helping your company improve efficiency and provide deeper coverage in the areas of internal audit, SOX and IT consulting. We work within the guidelines of our client’s methodology and protocol and seamlessly integrate our offerings where it makes sense.

This model has worked for AC3 in the IT audit sector in several cases. Typically, in a larger company, there are financially-focused internal auditors who are up to speed on SOX, and can perform that side of the regulation’s requirements. Many of these companies do not have the IT audit capabilities, so we are able to come in, perform this piece of the overall SOX process, and leave the rest up to the client. This works well because we have deep IT skills and techniques in addition to pre-built tools and technology necessary to achieve the best results.

Staff Augmentation

AC3 offers highly skilled individuals who have extensive industry experience. Therefore, upon reaching a client’s site, our professionals are able to pick up on the client’s business quickly and go straight to work. We tend to call that “Plug and Play”. It’s in this staffing method where most “special projects” would be performed (i.e. a client would hire us to complete a special IT-related project, one in which they do not currently have the skill set, or methodology to cost-effectively complete the project on their own).

Preliminary Assessments

Whether in the area of IT or financial processes, AC3 offers preliminary assessments to determine the overall security, efficiency, effectiveness and maturity of a company. Our experts enter a company and thoroughly assess specific or overall functions depending on our client’s needs. Through a scope and plan process, we can present an overall proposal for your company to determine ways to improve and plan strategically for coming years.