“AC3 delivers the skills you need, when you need them, in the increments you need them to ensure an effective and successful project.”

Every company is unique and each has its own set of issues relating to individuals, alliances, industry, government requirements, deadlines, rate of growth, risk taken, and much, much more. AC3 understands this and is committed to partnering with our clients to obtain the best solution for their varying needs.

AC3 offers our clients:

Building an internal audit department is both expensive and difficult in today’s environment of high competition for pertinent talent. For often less than the cost of hiring a single accounting professional, your company can often outsource its internal audit, SOX and consulting needs to AC3 and utilize our professional talent, experience and resources in the correct measure and blend of skills to quickly achieve a world class and cost effective solution. Your company can also have its internal audit, SOX, and consulting needs met in a few weeks rather than the 3-6 months an internal recruiting effort would require. As your company grows, your needs will expand, consequently, establishing in-house capability may make sense for less specialized skills. AC3 is committed to helping you make the right business decision. Our company is able to assist your internal staff to become highly effective through training, guidance, mentoring, methodology, tools, and providing highly specialized skills.
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Our co-sourcing services are focused on helping your company improve efficiency and provide deeper coverage in the areas of internal audit, SOX and IT consulting. We work within the guidelines of our client’s methodology and protocol and seamlessly integrate our offerings where it makes sense.

This model has worked for AC3 in the IT audit sector in several cases. Typically, in a larger company, there are financially-focused internal auditors who are up to speed on SOX, and can perform that side of the regulation’s requirements. Many of these companies do not have the IT audit capabilities, so we are able to come in, perform this piece of the overall SOX process, and leave the rest up to the client. This works well because we have deep IT skills and techniques in addition to pre-built tools and technology necessary to achieve the best results.
Staff Augmentation

AC3 offers highly skilled individuals who have extensive industry experience. Therefore, upon reaching a client’s site, our professionals are able to pick up on the client’s business quickly and go straight to work. We tend to call that “Plug and Play”. It’s in this staffing method where most “special projects” would be performed (i.e. a client would hire us to complete a special IT-related project, one in which they do not currently have the skill set, or methodology to cost-effectively complete the project on their own).

Preliminary Assessments
Whether in the area of IT or financial processes, AC3 offers preliminary assessments to determine the overall security, efficiency, effectiveness and maturity of a company. Our experts enter a company and thoroughly assess specific or overall functions depending on our client’s needs. Through a scope and plan process, we can present an overall proposal for your company to determine ways to improve and plan strategically for coming years.

Client Services
Formed on the principal of delivering high quality professional services at attractive rates, AC3 continues to experience significant growth. By performing professional services that cannot be provided by your external audit firm under auditor independence rules, our growth has been fueled by client and external audit firm referrals in response to our unique value proposition and reputation for high quality work. At AC3, we concentrate in three core areas of service: Internal Audit, SOX and Consulting Solutions. Our expertise in these service areas provides clients with clear, thoughtful, integrated solutions for each of their complex needs. Helping clients to understand more about issues facing their company, achieve greater security, and run more profitably excites us and gives our clients intelligent solutions that will produce beneficial long-term results.


Entrepreneurial CPAs Serving Entrepreneurs®

At BGM, we appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that can exist inside any business, because it exists inside our own. We understand what it takes to balance the details and risk with the dreams. We are CPAs and advisors who truly understand the needs of entrepreneurs like you — because we’re entrepreneurs too.

We don’t just solve problems, we anticipate needs. We don’t just provide ideas, we provide insight. And we don’t just look at the bottom line, we look for opportunities. We’ll work with you to create innovative solutions through our auditing, accounting, consulting, and tax services to help you and your business achieve your goals.



BGM TruNorth Wealth Partners, has been helping successful entrepreneurs and executives manage their financial lives for more than a decade. If there is anything we have learned over the past 14 years, it is that quality of life means different things to different people. All of our clients agree that quality of life is far more than just a return-on-investment. They know that money only adds to life when it helps you achieve your vision and create the freedom to balance family, work, and play. True financial planning must incorporate investing with your unique goals-and those of your family-so that you get a return-on-investment and a return-on-life. Our role is to handle the financial details of your life so you can spend time with your family, building your business, and pursuing your passions. As independent, fee-based advisors, we care more about solutions than products. When you are living the life you want and sleeping better at night, we have done our job. The way we do that-consistently and for a very discriminating group of highly successful clients-is by staying laser-focused on maintaining discipline in your financial plan.



Trust Services
Cornerstone Private Asset Trust Company, LLC, is a boutique trust company, and independent private trust company, that provides services which other trust companies will not. We are your trust services partner. We serve as trustee for any type of trust, including dynasty trusts, charitable remainder trusts, revocable living trusts, and trusts under wills. We serve as the agent for individual trustees, and as conservators, personal representatives and executors of estates. We operate like a family office by providing services above and beyond those of a traditional trust company. We focus on the uniqueness of each client, knowing we must first understand longer term goals to ensure a successful outcome. We create a customized portfolio to best meet the needs of the trust, of the grantor and ultimately of the trust beneficiaries. We also provide comprehensive education for beneficiaries on the financial resources set aside for their benefit. We walk alongside beneficiaries and assist them as the grantors dreams for their family are realized years and decades after the grantor has passed on.

Retirement Services
For the business owners who excel at running their businesses, but do not want to be experts in the retirement planning area – We are your retirement services partner. From high quality investment options, to compliance, we actively serve both our plan sponsors and their employee participants. We create the right plan for your business, delivered on the foundation of exceptional service. Throughout the process, we keep you informed on the status of your plan, as well as your fiduciary responsibilities. We work with company owners and their employees to provide plan participants with a low cost plan and exceptional service. We feel that regular reviews of the plan are critical to the success of the plan. As the company grows or changes the retirement plan must change to accommodate the company and the plan participants. We feel it is necessary for the plan to have the following features:



element Will Make Your Efficiency Soar
Phoenix Technology Solutions, LLC has been helping small and medium-sized businesses leverage computer technology since 1987. We provide hardware, software and IT services to create and maintain secure and reliable networks. Microsoft has named Phoenix Technology Solutions a Gold Certified Partner and authorized us to sell, service and support the Microsoft product families. In addition, through extensive training and experience with several virtual environments, VMware has authorized us to sell, deploy and support products like VSphere,VCloud and ESX to name a few. Phoenix will provide solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of your business.

  • Secure Online Data Backup
  • Network Design & Support
  • Equipment & Software Sales
  • Security & Disaster Recovery
  • Server & Application Collocation
  • Spam Filtering & Hosted Exchange
  • Server & Desktop Virtualization